We Help You Leverage Drone Technology

We believe that drones have huge potential to do good for the world, especially concerning climate change and managing our natural resources. This can both materialize through the active use of drones to monitor and gather important data, as well as using them as a tool for education and spreading awareness.

RotoWorks is your one-stop-shop to help improve your business with drone technology. We provide both design, prototyping and consultancy services in the product development phase, and advanced drone operations requiring precision flying.

Our vision is to help companies leverage drone technology to reach better solutions and results, faster.

What We Specialise in

Mechanical Design and Product Development

With a strong background in mechanical engineering and manufacturing, we can undertake small and large mechanical design challenges and can be your partner throughout the entire development cycle.

Rapid Prototyping and Manufacturing

We specialise in 3D printing and CNC routing of carbon fiber for strong, lightweight parts, suitable for both functional prototypes and end-use products.

Advanced Drone Operations

As experienced FPV racing pilots, we have the skills to fly almost anywhere. Our licensed drone operators can fly multirotor drones from indoor micros to large scale heavy-lifters. Need a pilot for test flights or data collection? RotoWorks has you covered!

Workshops in drones and Prototyping

Need to gain competencies for your own business? We love to share our passion and can tailor workshops and courses in everything concerning 3D printing and drones to your needs.

Our Story

The idea of RotoWorks started with a desire to build faster, tougher racing drones, but quickly grew into a desire to learn about and gain experience with rapid prototyping techniques. With years of experience in 3D print already in the bag, RotoWorks became the catalyst for a deep dive into CNC milling of carbon fiber sheets, a common material used in drone designs. The idea of a mechanical design consultancy was born out of the realization that this was an uncommon, but increasingly sought-after skill in the ever-growing drone industry.

With our strong drone racing roots, it was an obvious choice for RotoWorks to start offering drone piloting services.

Using our tailored racing drone platforms designed and manufactured in-house, we can fly even the most challenging places and collect data or provide unique perspectives for video production

Meet the Team

Oliver Larsen


Marine engineer and machinist, skilled within manufacturing and mechanical design. Oliver has many years of experience with rapid prototyping such as 3D printing, laser cutting and CNC milling. He is also a certified drone operator with FPV racing experience.

Email: oliver@rotoworks.dk

Phone: +45 51 21 28 77

Alexander Rietz Vesterhauge


Mechanical engineer from the Technical University of Denmark with extensive experience in mechanical design and product development. Alexander is a certified drone operator specializing in precision and indoor flights as well as a skilled FPV racing pilot.

Email: alexander@rotoworks.dk

Phone: +45 50 93 01 33

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