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3D Printing and CAD Modeling Workshop

Client: Rigspolitiet (Danish National Police)

A department of the Danish National Police wanted to gain competencies in 3D printing for rapid prototyping of their ideas. The contract included choosing and procuring a 3D printer for the customer to keep. RotoWorks then hosted an on-site workshop with the relevant team, which taught the attendees all the necessary basics to start designing for and using 3D printing technology. Learning material was also provided for the attendees to use both during the workshop and later for reference.

We were very surprised by the fact that two so technically competent consultants were also so pedagogical in their teaching. Our starting point was zero, but during the course of 6 hours, we learned to model and print our own 3D ideas. We highly recommend RotoWorks.

Claus Øien Ingemann, project manager, Danish National Police

From Zero to Hero

During the span of a single day, the attendees gained a deep understanding of 3D printing and how they can benefit from it in their work, enabling them to realize their ideas in physical forms. The course covered:

  • Introduction to the 3D printing process; how it works, what 3D printing can be useful for and general do’s and don’ts
  • Walkthrough of the specific 3D printer chosen for and supplied to the department; how to use it, perform maintenance and get the most of it
  • Introduction to 3D model slicing and hands-on walkthrough of the process
  • Introduction to CAD modeling and how an object can be designed for 3D printing
  • CAD modeling workshop, taking the attendees from no prior experience to being able to freely design and manufacture simple objects with their newly acquired 3D printer


RotoWorks Teaching Prototyping Workshop

Variation and Engagement

The workshop format changed between presentations and hands-on experience for the attendees with a variety of tasks to be solved along the way. At any time, the attendee could receive expert advice and help with their task. Common questions were discussed in plenum, making for an engaging learning experience.

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