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Drone Footage Showcasing Wind Energy Research Facilities

Client: DTU Wind

The Wind Energy department of the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) operates state-of-the-art research facilities for testing wind turbines and blades. Their facilities include large-scale blade fatigue testing, full-size turbine test centers along the west coast of Denmark and the world’s largest university-driven wind tunnel, the Poul la Cour tunnel. RotoWorks was tasked to provide drone footage to showcase these facilities in a dynamic, innovative way for DTU Wind to use for external communication and creating awareness of their activities.

The Right Tools for the Job

A mixture of calm, gimbal-stabilized footage and dynamic, racing drone style video was used to create a diverse and exciting presentation of each facility. RotoWorks’ custom drone platforms were used for indoor and precision flights to create otherwise impossible shots, including through the turbine of the Poul la Cour wind tunnel. The raw clips were stabilized in post and roughly cut before being handed over to DTU Wind who performed the final cutting. The result provided an extensive overview of the ins and outs of the facilities in question, and the mixture of flying and shooting styles made for a dynamic storytelling.

Managing a Large Production

The production took place over several weeks and at different locations throughout Denmark. RotoWorks worked closely with DTU and the managers of the various shooting locations to ensure a safe and efficient production.

Check It Out!

The work is used in many of DTU Wind’s videos, including the following:

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